Thursday, October 23, 2008

Necklace from Israel

This is the necklace I brought home that was made by an Israeli jeweler. The store it was in was filled with her things, and they were all so wonderful. I just wandered looking at all the pretty sparklies. This necklace was my favorite one, and I couldn't resist. As my aunt pointed out, it was a great buy and I can even wear it on my wedding day. That day isn't coming anytime soon, but being prepared can't hurt.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jordan and Israel

This trip was amazing. I had already been to Israel once with my sister Laura and a group of church members from Egypt, but it was such a different experience. Before, we didn't have a tour guide, and we just kinda showed up at sites and wandered around. It was great, but this time we had guides and the amazing Michael Wilcox who talked at each site. I learned a lot and loved being with my family. Being in Jordan made me miss Egypt (Leslie, don't kill me for saying that for the 1000th time!) and I'm going to have to save up to go back. I love the friendly chaos of it all. I didn't buy as much as I thought I would. I bought a beautiful long pearl necklace for insanely cheap, an amazing necklace made by an Israeli artist, a dirt cheap widow's mite, and some scarves (cause you can't live in London without them). I did bring home a rock from the valley where David kicked Goliath's trash, an oil lamp that was a gift, and a 13th century piece of pottery I found at the excavation site we went to. I know I already posted pictures on Facebook, but I'm going to post highlights anyway. I love pictures!

The cool excavation site we got to check out. This is inside a cave where doves were raised for sacrifices, it is the biggest one found in Israel.

The only picture I took of Michael Wilcox, our amazing teacher