Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ninja Pres!

This just in: President Bush is a ninja and has cat-like reflexes. Sweet!

Oh, and don't throw shoes at the President. That's just disrespectful.

Thanksgiving Break Part Two: Turkey Day in London

I really need to blog about things before I forget what happened. Thanksgiving is already starting to blur. It was a lot of fun though. We didn't want to deal with cooking all that food in our kitchen, and even if we had wanted to the turkey wouldn't have fit in our mini oven. Instead, we bought everything already made from Whole Foods. The food was great and the clean-up has never been easier. That night we went to Phantom of the Opera, and other than the fact that the phantom had nothing on Gerard Butler, it was really good. We really wanted to see Ivanov which was ending that week and had Kenneth Branagh starring in it. When we went to get tickets we were told that to get same day tickets people started lining up at 5:00 am even though the ticket booths weren't open until 10:00. Laura and I decided that it was definitely worth it and woke up long before the sun to get in line at five. We were determined to be first in line and we were. No contest there. Not a single person showed up until 7:30 and even then people didn't really start coming until 8:00. At least we got our tickets, and we did get to see a lot happen. We started making a list so we wouldn't think about how freezing it was or how insane we were for actually being there at five:

Drug dealers: 4
Drug deals: 2
Drunk people approach us: 3
Sworn at by drunk man after rejecting his advances: 1
Drunk man serenading us and then attempting to hug me: 1
Being assumed as homeless: 3
Police escort: 1
Tickets bought: 6

It was completely worth it, Ivanov was incredible. Kenneth Branagh did an amazing job and the others were very good too. A couple of them were in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Pride and Prejudice. So glad Laura and I were crazy enough to think standing in line in the freezing cold for five hours sounded like a good time.

We also went to two museums and wandered around wonderful London. It was a great Thanksgiving, I only wish all our family was there. But, most of them are coming to join us for Christmas. We are spending a week up at a cottage in the Lake District and I am so excited. We are staying in the town were William Wordsworth lived! He is one of my favorite poets and I think I will spend the whole trip quoting him. "My heart leaps up..."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving Break Part One: Scotland

I'm going to split my Thanksgiving break into two posts. The Scotland part and the London part. Here goes Scotland:
A few days before Thanksgiving, my mom, Laura and Peter, Ruth, Leslie, and I took a short three day trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a blast. The weather wasn't too bad other than one day which left me frozen. It didn't help that that was the day we had to wait 40 minutes for a bus that supposedly came every 15 minutes. I was dying and wanted to take a taxi, but everyone was sure our bus would be the next one. Right when we were ready to give up (I had been ready for a long time) we decided to wait for 15 more buses because the bus we needed was number 15. And of course, it was the last bus to show up. But, it was all worth it because it took us to the Rosslyn Chapel which was amazing. It was one of my favorite places of the trip. The inside was covered in carvings and masonic symbols. We weren't allowed to take pictures, so you are going to have to go to see it for yourself. We also got to go to the Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse which is where the Queen's residence in Scotland. We saw some great art, went on a wonderfully cheesy tour of the underground vaults, and got to walk around a lot and experience Edinburgh that way. We found some great restaurants and Peter was brave enough to order haggis. He claims to have enjoyed it. Leslie was brave enough to try some too. The rest of us wouldn't touch the stuff, but did have some intestine free vegetarian haggis. Edinburgh was such a beautiful place and I'm most certainly planning on going again. Preferably when it is warmer.

Edinburgh Castle

Huge cannon!

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Monday, December 1, 2008

How well they know me

My sister introduced me to these comics and I just adore them. They are funny and a little dark and twisted. So brilliant! Anyway, one of my biggest phobias is being watched. Google Earth freaks me out, people staring at me, even all the security cameras here bother me. I think this comic is so fitting: