Sunday, January 25, 2009

Katherine Ostler aka The Fearless Defender

Yes, that is me. And yes, I promise never to dye my hair blond. But that is beside the point. The point is I'm pretty sure I am a superhero. I'll tell you my reasoning and then you can decide for yourself.

1. I keep waking up late and tired no matter how early I go to bed. Obviously I get up in the middle of the night to fight crime.

2. I have an arm gun which must be one of my superpowers. This one is hard to explain, but essentially my right arm can shoot bullets. I don't remember how I learned this, but just go with it.

3. My weaknesses are feet and google-earth/being watched. Every superhero has their kryptonite and I must be an awesome one cause I have two!

4. Using an internet site I was able to figure out my superhero name. While in spandex they call me The Fearless Defender. Very fitting is it not?

5. And finally, I even have my own theme song which you can view here:

There you have it. I think it's pretty clear I must be a villain fighting, spandex wearing, superhero. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go protect the streets of London.


ProMom said...

I can see why your super heroness came out after you moved to London. You have been fighting the Werewolves of London!

I like Lindley's version too:

Laura said...


but srsly, the foot thing is a big weakness. all your archnemesis would have to do is chuck shoes at you and you'd give up.

Alyssa's Adventures said...

Hi Katherine I just found your blog and am thoroughly amused by it. -Alyssa

sea gull lighting fixtures said...

So funny!